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Introduction & Procedure

The future is Genetic

The future is genetic.
The future is about YOU specifically. This is how the world will develop to make people a better living. We already have genetic medicine, genetic food, genetic education, etc.

Each of us is built differently with our special genetics. In those genetics, you find your forces. These forces are extremely important for you to know, to have a good life.

In the old times, our forces were part of our everyday lives and very visible. Living in nature - maybe a forest - we would use our forces constantly. We loved to use our forces. They were our strength physically and mentally.

Nowadays we live in a world full of technology, and do not use our forces the way we used to. Often, we do not even know them. But they still exist - maybe stronger than ever, waiting to be used.

Genetic Living is a new concept built upon YOUR unique forces. It is a new kind of lifestyle - a new kind of living.
By analysing your body (visualization) your genetic forces will show and you can start to use them. This way you can create a stronger and happier life made from your uniqueness.

In the analysis, the client is lying down on the front. By visual scanning and lightly touching, the body is analyzed physically (muscles, skeleton, etc.)
By discovering the physical forces of the body, the mental forces are also discovered since physiology and mentality are inseparable and function as wholeness.

The client is informed about the forces.
The scanning is 30 minutes followed by questions from the client.

The future is genetic




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